Smoke Free

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Today is my 6 month anniversary of being a non-smoker. I honestly owe you my life, my first morning breath and peace of mind. I constantly recommend you to all my smoking friends. Until you came into my life, being a smoker was my identity. Now, I do not have to interrupt dinner conversations to have a smoke. My car doesn’t stink. I do not have to worry about my nic-fix getting in the way of loving my soon-to-be-born niece. Quitting cigarettes was SO easy thanks to you, Alex!

Monica K. Cootehill, Co.Cavan

I Could Tell The Difference!

I’m glad I picked Alex P. as my hypnotherapist. Minutes after sitting in his recliner, I already felt better. He has a very soothing demeanour and I felt completely comfortable with him. I think he’s the best.

John B. Navan, Co.Meath

Transforming Experience

I didn’t know what to expect but had an open mind… I told him the problem I had and he then took me through my life (while deeply hypnotized) to the exact time when my life experience created this problem……. I don’t want to say what the problem was, but after my session, I don’t have it anymore. Alex is a fantastic therapist and I would recommend him to you, and I suppose that is why you are reading this. Keep an open mind and experience the transformation.

Angela H. Maynooth, Co.Kildare

Hypnotherapy that works

Alex P. is remarkable. He is both professional and caring. The personal interest that he takes in his clients is unequalled. His expertise is unquestionable and helps to instil great confidence. I have achieved great success with the help of his services. I highly recommend him, and I do not do that lightly.

Sharon L. Drogheda, Co. Louth