Skin Disorder

A client came to me with Dreadful Skin Disorder, very Itchy even bleeding. He could't sleep scratching his body non-stop, nothing helped him really, GP advised him steroids.

I gave him only two Hypnotherapy sessions and after three weeks he came back to me with his gratitudes - after Successful Hypnotherapy with me he got back his Clear and Fresh Skin.

Weight Loss

I want to share with you one very interesting case. A client came to me with some excessive weight of 188,8 kg. She tried a huge variety of different diets and fitness classes, but her weight increased only. Surely she wanted a real changed, that’s why she applied to me. We have been meeting once a week during several weeks, and now take a look at her personal Weight Loss Diary. Isn’t it a phenomenal amount of weight loss to date? We'll follow her progress!