What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural, heightened state of awareness that allows the body to relax and the subconscious mind to become more receptive to positive suggestions. Typically, we all go into subtle forms of hypnosis as we fall asleep, watch a movie, or even drive an automobile. Hypnosis assists in reaching desired goals. It emphasizes the mind-body connection.

How does hypnosis work?

After completing the cognitive part of the session, hypnotherapists use different methods to help their client achieve a calm and comfortable state. This allows the hypnotherapist to "disorganize the critical area" of the mind. Suggestions then can be received more deeply by the subconscious mind without being analysed or filtered by the conscious mind, thus they have a far greater impact.

How can hypnosis help me?

The subconscious mind holds memories and associations from conception to present - about 88% of our minds. By connecting to the subconscious mind, you can discover what’s really blocking your success (in all areas of life), change and release those images, and direct your energy to positive action*.

Am I asleep?

No, you are not sleeping. You will be in a very pleasant, relaxed, and peaceful state in which all the senses are more acute. You will be awake and aware of everything that’s going on around you during your hypnotherapy session.

How will it feel to be hypnotised?

You will feel very tranquil and peaceful, yet still aware of your surroundings. Your breathing will slow, and your body will be still and relaxed. Most people don't want to come out of the hypnotic state because they enjoy it so much.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Yes, everyone can be hypnotized.

Will I be completely under your control?

No. Hypnotherapy will simply put you in a controlled state.

How long will it take to see results?
Because every individual is different, the results and time frames vary. Depending on the challenge and your commitment to change, we will create an effective plan that’s personalized to your needs.

Can I be forced to do something I do not want to do under hypnosis?
Not at all. You will only be given positive suggestions that align with you morally and intellectually. You will be in control at all times.

Will I be able to remember what happens during my hypnosis session?
"Remembering what happens" depends on the depth of your hypnotic state, your personality type and how conditioned you are to hypnosis. Different issues require different depths. You will be completely aware of what’s going on. Your hypnotherapist is there to merely guide you in connecting to your subconscious (where everything gets stored) so you can achieve your desired outcome.

Will hypnosis be compatible with my religious beliefs?
All major religions view hypnosis as a therapeutic tool.

What happens during my first session?
We get to know each other. We begin by looking closely at the areas you wish to focus on and the changes or improvements you wish to make. The first session is about getting you accustomed and conditioned to the hypnotic state. We'll determine if you are more left or right brain dominant (to see how you respond to suggestions). Then you'll sit in a comfortable chair and simply listen to my voice as you enter a relaxed state. You'll be given specific suggestions to help achieve your goals. When your session is over you will open your eyes and feel refreshed and relaxed.

Are the sessions confidential?
Yes. Confidentiality, your general well-being, and your safety are my top priorities.

What illnesses or issues Hypnotherapy can treat?

Here is a suggested list of possible challenges that I can treat. However if you can’t see your particular issue, you still can contact to me, as this list isn’t comprehensive and we will find a solution to your question.


Addictive Personality
Caffeine Addiction
Cannabis Addiction
Chewing Tobacco
Chocolate Addiction
Cocaine Addiction
Compulsive Spending
Freedom from Drugs
Gambling Addiction
Pornography Addiction
Psychic Phone Line Addiction
Sugar Addiction

Anger Management

Road Rage Reversal
Stop Road Rage
Stop Self Harming
Stopping Swearing

Body Image

Accepting Baldness
Anti-Ageing Visualization
Better Posture
Body Building
Body Dysmorphic Disorder Relaxation
Breast Enhancement Visualization
Building Muscle Mass
Exuding Beauty
Facial Slimming Visualization
Firmer Breasts Visualization
Hair Growth Visualization
Height Confidence
Living with Disfigurement
Nicer Hair Visualization
Re-Energised Facial Muscles Visualization
Remove Facial Hair Visualization

Business Skills and Finance

Ask for a Pay Rise
Attracting Abundance
Beach Worker
Business Meetings
Career Confidence
Creating Wealth
Dealing with Employees
Dealing with Redundancy
Enjoy Your Job
Executive Skills
Facing Bankruptcy
Financial Worries
Lottery Winner Visualization
Natural Negotiation
Networking Confidence
Sensible Spending
Step Back From Your Business
Successful Interviews
Successful Self Employment
Time Management


Abortion Relaxation
Baby Bonding
Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby
Breech Birth Relaxation
Child birthing Cycle Visualization
Crying Baby
Drug Free Childbirth
Easy Childbirth Visualization
Elective Caesarean Section
Facing Hysterectomy
Failed IVF Relaxation
Fear of Childbirth
Fertility Visualization
Healthy Eating During Pregnancy
IVF Relaxation
Increased Sperm Count Visualization
Infertility Relaxation
Morning Sickness Relaxation
Natural Childbirth
Over Protective Mothers
Post Natal Depression Relaxation
Pre-IVF Relaxation
Sustaining a Healthy Pregnancy Visualization

Children's Issues

Accepting a Parent's New Relationship
Appetite Increase Visualization for Older Children
Bedwetting Relaxation
Bowel Movements - Pre-Schoolers
Boys Bladder Control Relaxation
Child ADHD Relaxation
Child Meditation
Children Hypno-Relaxation
Coping with Divorce for Children
Encopresis Relaxation
Encopresis Relaxation for Younger Children
Enuresis Relaxation
Fear of Choking
Fear of Swimming
Fear of Vomiting for Children
Living With ADHD Relaxation
OCD: Balloon Room
Opposition Defiance Disorder
Perfect Parenting
Safe Sleeping for Children
School Phobia
Selective Mutism
Separation Anxiety for Young Children
Thumb Sucking


Be Confident
Best Man's Speech
Blushing in Groups
Circle of Confidence
Dating Confidence
Dial Up Confidence
Ego Strengthening
Increased Self Esteem
Making Decisions
Public Speaking
Self Belief: Protective Shield
Stop Blushing
Stop Stuttering

Coping with Loss

Abandoned Baby
Finding Lost Objects
Losing a Pet
Separation Anxiety


Driving Exam
Driving Test
Driving Theory Test Nerves
Exam Study Motivation
Exam Success
Examination Nerves
Lab Research Confidence
Practical Exams
Presentations and Exams
Stress-Free Studying
Test Anxiety

Fears and Phobias

Fear of Authority
Fear of Bees or Wasps
Fear of Blood
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Death
Fear of Doctors and Dentists
Fear of Driving
Fear of Failure
Fear of Fainting
Fear of Falling Over
Fear of Fear
Fear of Heights or Bridges
Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses
Fear of Intimacy
Fear of Motorway Driving
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Success
Fear of Talking on the Telephone
Fear of Vomiting
Fearless Flying
Hypnosis Script for a Fear of Going Places
Phobia Release
Social Phobia


End of Life Acceptance
Impending Bereavement
Loss of a Child
Overcome Homesickness
Parental Concern-Sick Child
Saying Goodbye
Staying Strong
Survivors Guilt

Habits and Disorders

Asperger Syndrome Relaxation
Bladder Control Relaxation
Depression Relaxation
Enuresis Relaxation
Insomnia Relaxation
Mind Clutter
Morning Person
Mouth and Cheek Biting
Nail Biting
Nervous Cough
Nervous Twitch Relaxation
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Overcome Bulimia
Shy Bladder Relaxation
Stop Thumb Sucking (for Adults)
Swallowing Pills with Ease
Teeth Grinding
Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)
Unwanted Thoughts Relaxation
Vertigo Relaxation

Health Relaxation

Anticipatory Nausea
Auto Immune Conditions Relaxation
Blood Pressure Relaxation
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Relaxation
Constipation Relaxation
Essential Tremor Disorder Relaxation
Eyesight Visualization
Fibromyalgia Relaxation
Fruit and Vegetable Aversion
Headaches Relaxation
Healing Relaxation Script
Health Matters Relaxation
Hormone Imbalance Relaxation
Immune System Visualization
Life Energy
Living With Alopecia Relaxation
Living With Candida Overgrowth Relaxation
Living With Diabetes Relaxation
Living With Food Intolerance Relaxation
Living With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Relaxation
Parkinson's Disease Relaxation
Thyroid Imbalance Relaxation
Tinnitus Relaxation
Urge Incontinence Relaxation

Memory and Learning

Accelerated Studying
Computer Confidence
Dyscalculia Relaxation
Dyslexia Relaxation
Foreign Language Study
Listening Skills
Memory Improvement Visualization
Memory Recall Visualization
Memory and Concentration
Mental Blocks
Photographic Memory
Presentations and Exams
Speed Reading
Study Skills
Super Learning
Time Distortion
Writer's Block
Writing Skills

Pain Relaxation & Visualizations

Autogenic Programming
Comfortable Dentures Relaxation
Easy Pain Relaxation Visualization
Menstrual Pain Relaxation
Muscular Relaxation
Nerve Pain Relaxation
Numbness Relaxation
Pain Melting Away Visualization Relaxation
Pain Relaxation
Pain Relaxation for Children
Phantom Limb Pain Relaxation


Accepting Yourself
Better Handwriting
Dance the Night Away
Great Guitar Playing
Interrupted Sleep Relaxation
Peak Performance
Perfect Pianist
Power Nap Relaxation
Powerful Public Speaking
Song Writing Skills
Stage Fright Auditions
Velvet Voice

Personal Development

Accepting Change
Accepting Responsibility
Become Tidy and Organized
Charisma Visualization
Creative Painting
Emotional Baggage
Emotional Calm Visualization
Happiness Visualization
Inner Adviser
Life Changes
Luck and Intuition Visualization
Make Your Dreams Come True
New Year New You
Reinvent Yourself
The Joy of Reading
Tuning Into Emotions
Unlock Your Visualization Ability

Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Easy Weight Loss
Emotional Eating
Exercise Motivation
Festive Eating
Fit, Trim and Healthy
Gastric Band Hypnosis Adjustment
Gastric Band Weight Loss
Healthy Eating
Letting Go of Excess Weight
Maintaining Weight Loss
Night-Time Eating
Sensible Eating
Slimmer You
Timeline Basic Slimming
Weight Gain for Women
Weight Loss


Accepting Alcoholism
Attracting Love
Dealing with Divorce
Draw Love into Your Life
Ending a Relationship
Ending an Abusive Relationship
Forgetting an Ex-Lover
Hypnosis for Lovers
Inner Child
Moving on in a Relationship
Rebuilding Trust
Unrequited Love

Sexual Issues

Cross Dressing
Delayed Ejaculation
Feminisation Visualization
Healing the Survivor of Child Abuse
Increased Libido Visualization
Intimate Sex
Living With Erectile Dysfunction
Living With Impotence Relaxation
Masturbation Addiction
Premature Ejaculation
Sexual Confusion
Sexual Fulfilment
Vaginismus Relaxation

Skin Problems

Cellulitis Relaxation
Eczema Relaxation
Excessive Sweating Relaxation
Facial Cysts Relaxation
Hives Relaxation
Itching Relaxation
Living With Acne Relaxation
Living With Warts Relaxation
Rosacea Relaxation
Skin Complexion Visualization
Skin Picking
Uncontrollable Goosebumps Relaxation

Sports Improvement

Better Basketball
Boxing Boost
Champion Darts
Championship Cricket
Chess Master
Excel at Sport
Exercise for Fun
Football Confidence
Hypnosis Script for Martial Arts
Learn to Swim (for Adults)
Perfect Poker
Perfecting a Back Handspring
Play Better Rugby Union
Running and Jogging
Show Jumping Confidence
Sports Improvement

Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety Release
Control of Gag Reflex/Easy Swallowing
Emotional Release
Heartbreak Relaxation
Morbid Thoughts
Negative Emotion Release: Balloon
Negative Release
Panic Attacks Relaxation
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relaxation
Silver Sack Negativity